Fa·cil·i·ta·tion – To facilitate is to make possible, to ease, to assist.

We provide strategic facilitation services to help you articulate a more realistic and exciting future or solve a specific organizational problem or question with client-centric events and processes.

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What we are up to

Tips for facilitating a successful workshop

Lighthouse Consulting Group finally did it! We facilitated a half-day workshop about facilitation. With the support of Connecticut Sea Grant, we looked into our past experience, brushed up on the current research and re-read the classic “how-to facilitate” guides to develop a customized afternoon of experiential learning. With a focus on each individual, we covered:

  • attributes of a successful facilitator
  • Tips for ensuring workshop success – applying lessons that we have learned
  • Dealing with different and difficult workshop situations

By the end of the day, participants were able to describe their own personal facilitation styles and how to work to individual strengthens so they could select the tools and approaches that were going to work from them.  A summary of the PowerPoint we used is here: [Facilitation workshop tips for skill building for POST] if you want to take a peek at what we covered.

Is your team ready to learn more about the art of group facilitation? To learn some simple lessons that will help you work better with clients, improve your events and, without question, change how you interact with others?   Give us a call or email. We are ready to customize a training for you.


Charting Narragansett Bay’s governance history

Lighthouse Consulting Group is wrapping up a multi-year project  to chart Narragansett Bay’s governance history. This project is being funded by the EPA’s Atlantic Ecology Division and aims to review and identify past government practices and responses to the ecological health of the Narragansett Bay watershed. Ultimately, the EPA will provide the outputs of this project to key governance institutions for their use in informing future policy adjustments to help achieve more cost effective, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound solutions, based on systems management approaches.  The Lighthouse team, which includes experts from the University of Rhode Island and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, has described and analysed the governance of the Narragansett Bay watershed from 1860 to present day.  The outcomes of this effort will be presented in three parts:  (1) on online public timeline that includes key  chances in the governance of the Bay; (2) an authoritative analysis that considers the many aspects of environmental governance responses to changing environmental conditions in Narragansett Bay and its watershed; and, (3) a lessons learned document that will guide the application of this analysis to other watersheds. For more information about this project or if you have questions, please email Mark Amaral at mamaral@lighthousecg.com


Lighthouse delivers strategic planning event for CTEC

Lighthouse is pleased to be working with the Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) at Antioch University in Keene, New Hampshire to facilitate a strategic planning event as part of an upcoming workshop aimed at developing their next five year plan.  To make the most and best use of the time and talent available to CTEC at this workshop, we will be using a Speed Storming exercise designed specifically to meet CTEC’s detailed objectives. Speed Storming is a technique that collects information from individuals and groups rapidly and then transforms this information into knowledge through a reporting out process. By the end of the segment, CTEC will have heard from the participants individually as well as getting “best answers” from groups on pre-designed strategic planning questions.