Affordable Tech For Today’s Small Business

There is no doubt that technology plays a significant role in the success or failure of corporate America. Thankfully, much of the technology available today is also available to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Some — like communication tools, website development, customer management software, social media and accounting software just like the ones being used by the payroll solutions Indonesia — can even help increase proficiency and profits.

Communication Tools

Lighthouse Consulting Group has had to shift how it does business in light of the pandemic. One thing it routinely recommends now for businesses trying to maintain an open line of communication with clients and customers is software, such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. Both of these video meeting programs are affordable and run well with most operating systems. Zoom, for example, is just $149 per year for teams of up to 100 people. In addition to video software, many businesses find that using instant messaging apps, like the free version of Slack, minimizes disruptions when individual team members need to communicate but a phone call would be too intrusive.


Website Development

In today’s digital climax, the accessibility of your company online is paramount to capturing your share of the market. If you don’t already have a website or your web presence is lacking, look for an individual with experience that can offer WordPress development services to take your website to the next level. WordPress is not only free but is also fully scalable and customizable. Your WordPress developer can build you a comprehensive e-commerce site, which makes it easier for customers to shop and spend money. Before you hire a freelance developer, take into account their most recent reviews/referrals and ask about both cost and estimated turnaround time from project acceptance to site publication.


Customer Management

SuperOffice very clearly underscores the importance of customers by citing that, “no business exists without its customer base.” This sentiment holds true for businesses in every industry and at every level; thus, investing in customer relationship management systems is a smart choice for businesses hoping to acquire more and retain their current customers. Customer relationship management can help you maintain your contacts and show your employees how much or how little interaction they’ve had with each client. It can help you schedule reminders and serve as a central database for your entire customer list.


Social Media

Most of us spend a great deal of time on social media, and we often forget that this form of technology was not readily available until 1997 when the first social media site,, was founded. Now, personal and professional online networking is just a part of our everyday existence. Because of this, businesses should stay on top of their social media presence by engaging with their customers on every platform available. And considering that many small businesses still aren’t leveraging the power of social sites, like Facebook and Instagram, engaging on social media is an excellent opportunity to scoop up potential customers looking for your products or services. Before you start making profiles, ensure that you have a unified brand and that you designate one person or group of people as your social media representatives.

There are literally endless bits of technology popping up every day. But those listed above are readily available, inexpensive, and invaluable. From using videoconferencing to communicate with your clients to harnessing the power of social media to interact with customers, the technology you use now will impact your bottom line. So put on your digital thinking cap, and don’t be afraid to push your company into the 21st century.


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