Philosophy & Approach

Most organizations require strategic facilitation at different points during their life cycle. Yet too often they fail to realize the need or see its value.  Why is that a mistake?  Because, good strategic facilitation can guide your group or business through a process of asking the hard questions, developing the strategic answers, and setting the path to greater efficiency and productivity. Strategic facilitation can take many forms—from helping you develop an innovative near-term strategic plan or simply facilitating a topic-specific discussion of importance to your group/organization. Lighthouse has the skills and experience to guide you.

Why Lighthouse?

We are not cookie-cutter consultants. We customize the process and the meeting or workshop to your specific needs and audiences. We help guide your conversation through a logical progression that stimulates new ideas and we make sure to capture the words and thoughts of workshop participants.

We believe that each meeting is an opportunity to teach and learn.  Our designs use innovative, adult training techniques and participatory learning approaches.  More than just workshops, these are facilitated conversations designed specifically to clarify, focus and build consensus on difficult and confusing issues.

You can participate instead of facilitate. Because we run the meeting, keep track of time, maintain a record of key decisions … you can participate, listen and lead. And, in our role of neutral third party, we handle the difficult situations and participants.  Our goal is simply to help ensure your meeting ends in success.

We know content: We have worked with for-profit and non-for-profit organizations across a wide range of content areas. Because we a have worked with such a diversity of different organizations –link to client list–, we have developed deep knowledge about organizational design, structure, governance and operations. We put this experience into practice each day as association managers. Click here for more information about our association management practice.