Knowledge & Skills

We have designed, organized and delivered workshops in all kinds of environments and for all kinds of people.  Our workshop skills include:

  • Public meetings with stakeholders that often hold a different perspective and want to be heard.
  • Technical meetings to make progress on complex issues such as approaches to fisheries management or climate change.
  • Business development and strategic thinking meetings for boards of directors and executive staff.
  • Team meetings and retreats.
  • Small group working sessions to make real, in-room progress on the assignment.
  • Work planning events to track, document and direct future effort.

Topical areas have included coastal and ocean management, recreational boating, food security and agriculture, tropical ecology, water and water rights, transparency in governance, conservancy and land protection, improving community services, and measures and monitoring. We believe that although content knowledge is important, it is the process is what drives change. And in some cases, having a facilitator that is too steeped in a knowledge area can inhibit the process.