When was the last time you assessed your company’s audience? 

We have recently completed a marketing and branding assessment with one of our association clients.  We hired a consultant, collected data, surveyed the membership and conducted focus-groups.  We learned a lot, both about our brand but also about what our customers were looking for from the association.  And what they didn’t like.  The information we learned and the feedback we received will re-shape the association. It will redefine how the company presents itself and what it delivers.

But our biggest ah-ha lesson was the importance, the critical importance of looking at the company through the lens of the customer.  What do they want and how do they want it?  Once this is understood, it is easier to expand your market and reach new customers.  Once this is understood, it become easier to grow and connect to new markets and members.   Here are some tips that we learned that are summarized nicely by our friends at Forbes.

  1. Understand the landscape – What sparks this new audience’s interest?
  2. Redefine the product- “One size fits all” does not apply to every audience.
  3. Involve the audience- Get the new audience members to be part of your brand and product