Working remotely – lessons learned at Lighthouse

Lighthouse has several employees that work remotely.  This provides maximum work flexibility to our team members.  Embracing teleworking and geographically distributed teams can be powerful for an office. It can allow for employees to establish their own definition of work-life balance, let managers bring together the best possible team for a job, and reduce burnout. At the same time, working away from a traditional office puts pressure on employees to figure out how to be productive, motivated, and happy without the benefit of colleagues and water cooler conversation.  

 Every home-worker will need to figure out their own strategy for success, but if you or a colleague is struggling to find your rhythm consider checking out these resources as a place to start. 

 American Association for the Advancement of ScienceSix tips for happy, productive remote working – 

 Harvard Business Review, “How to Stay Focused When You’re Working from Home, “7 Tips for Remote Workers to Make You More Productive and Less Stressed” sums it up nicely in their blog article: