The Future of Extension in Vermont

We would like to welcome our newest facilitation client: the University of Vermont’s Extension Program. Over the next several months, we will be working with Extension’s senior leadership to chart the program’s future. We will define how Extension in Vermont will evolve over time, how it will increase its impact and strengthen its visibility within the University. Our customized “inquiry” approach uncovers and then seeks to answer these critical questions. We use a series of conversations that start with a small group and expand to larger groups. Outputs from these conversations are captured in a rolling draft of a revised strategic plan that continually evolves throughout the process. The rolling draft is important because it is the place where input is collected real-time and guides the subsequent phases. We expect to present a final plan to the University’s leadership within five months, after an extensive engagement process that will include over 200 staff, clients, key informants and University leadership.

If you would like a free assessment of your strategic needs or would like to learn more about our customized inquiry approach, feel free to call Mark Amaral at 401-682- 7027.