Is Your Shellfish Safe?

Lighthouse Partners with URI Fisheries Center to measure public perception.

We are pleased to announce our newest client, the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) Fisheries Center. We are partnering with them to deliver 36 focus group sessions throughout the State of Rhode Island during the next several months. The Fisheries Center is using a unique, bidding process (with real money and prizes) to measure the public’s perceptions and opinions regarding shellfish consumption. While they focus on the science and methodology, we are taking care of all the logistics: finding venues, marketing the sessions, registering participants and onsite management. URI came to use because we have a proven record of organizing all sizes of events, we know how to recruit participants for these types of studies and we are responsive and flexible to their changing needs. Imagine how much time you can save (to focus on what’s most important) if you let us organize your meeting work for you.

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